How to supplement PROGESTERONE - Heal Yourself At Home

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Usp progesterone cream (2 transdermal cream)
How to supplement PROGESTERONE - Heal Yourself At Home

3. The studies showing that the problems with PROGESTERONE supplementation are with synthetic progestins, not bio-identical PROGESTERONE.

♦ Take at least three to seven days off every month - 3 days for those women who experience a severe recurrence of symptoms during the break;

PROGESTERONE has an extremely short half-life in the blood of 5-20 min.

PROGESTERONE supplementation is a powerful tool to:

Who needs supplemental PROGESTERONE?

♦ How does PROGESTERONE counter estrogen ?

♦ If you are taking PROGESTERONE and get pregnant, you must continue taking PROGESTERONE until at least the 16th week - if you had seriously low levels to begin with, it is probably better not to stop until a week before term.

√ Ensure sufficiency of Magnesium and vitamin B6 – required to remove estrogen metabolites from the body.

♦ The right dose is the dose that works - w hen it comes to balancing hormones, more is not better. To avoid hormone imbalance one should not use higher than the recommended dosage; A dosage chart is given as a guideline (most dosages recommended by Dr. John R. Lee, MD for transdermal application): PROGESTERONE Dosage Chart. The amount required depends on the specific application and should be tailored to the individual’s needs and response.

derive little benefit from using PROGESTERONE.

Warning - PROGESTERONE supplementation should be used with extreme caution.

♦ PROGESTERONE supplementation may INITIALLY have an estrogenic effect - PROGESTERONE reactivates “sleepy” estrogen receptors. This causes them to become overly sensitive, with ensuing estrogen dominance effects – e.g. water retention, headaches and swollen breasts. In premenopausal women, a deficiency of PROGESTERONE causes a "turning-down" of estrogen receptor sensitivity, and when women begin using PROGESTERONE, those estrogen receptors are reactivated. Most of these symptoms should disappear within a couple of cycles. HORMONES- Related Links: HORMONES. There can also be a temporary buildup of the endometrium, causing spotting and irregular bleeding.

Natural PROGESTERONE is not directly found in any plant - but is synthesized from fat saponins such as diosgenin from Mexican wild yam or from soy.

Before considering PROGESTERONE supplementation FIRST attend to the following areas or treatment will likely fail.

- This author has found these good brands:

· Peri- or post-menopause · Vaginal dryness · Ovarian cysts · Endometriosis · Uterine fibroids · Cervical Dysplasia · Endometrial carcinoma.

- How to Supplement PROGESTERONE.

(Best choice for a man).

the luteal phase) to begin supplementation, which will then augment the body’s own PROGESTERONE production from the corpus luteum. After which, stopping the supplementation should initiate menses. - Ovulating - wait until the day after ovulation (i.e. Supplementation should continue through the last 14 days of the cycle. Using PROGESTERONE earlier than ovulation would prevent ovulation resulting in no corpus luteum and therefore no PROGESTERONE production, which would be working against the body’s own mechanisms. To accuray determine ovulation, you should purchase a fertility monitor.

FSH, LH and GnRH.

● What to look for in a Natural, Bioidentical PROGESTERONE Cream or gel.

Chart of Human Hormones Testing Hormone Levels.

♦ Balance adrenal glands.

- Pre-menopausal women must take at least 3-7 days off each month (without applying any PROGESTERONE cream/gel/suppository) - since the body’s natural production of PROGESTERONE is cyclical, supplementation should ideally mimic the body’s naturally changing concentrations to affect a proper physiological response. i.e. the body should recognize some times when the PROGESTERONE level is low.

PROGESTERONE cream rubbed directly on vaginal epithelial membranes – using finger-tips, it is possible to reach pretty far into the vagina.

PROLACTIN – “Cool Down Hormone

● Warning - PROGESTERONE supplementation should be used with extreme caution.

Women without a uterus also need PROGESTERONE.

√ Reduce facial hair.

NOREPINEPHRINE. Fight or Flight Catecholamines : EPINEPHRINE.

- Progestin s, such as Provera and Megestrol, are patented artificial hormones that are NOT identical to the PROGESTERONE produced by the body - but do compete with the receptor/binding sites normally reserved for natural PROGESTERONE ;

PROGESTERONE is used to prevent miscarriage.

For more detail on rectal delivery: Supplementation route choices.

PROGESTERONE – “ Precursor to Androgens, Estrogens and Corticoids”

♦ Use available tactics to reduce body’s estrogen levels – of special note:

For menopause and osteoporosis treatment, use PROGESTERONE cream indefiniy. ♦ A minimum 2-3 months may be required - to raise and maintain your PROGESTERONE level for maximum improvement of symptoms due to estrogen dominance.

DOPAMINE – “Go Get it! /Reward Hormone” (2) POLYPEPTIDES:

For more detail on vaginal delivery: Supplementation route choices.

Women using birth control derive little benefit from using PROGESTERONE.

● Before considering PROGESTERONE supplementation FIRST attend to the following areas, or treatment will likely fail.

♦ The skin must be clean - cleared of cosmetics etc. cream is b etter absorbed when applied immediay after drying off after bath or shower;.

Reduce Body’s Estrogen levels.

Women who suffer from: · PMS.

- Although not as strong as the progestins, bioidentical PROGESTERONE does not have these unpleasant/serious side effects. For more information: Synthetic Sex Steroids.

See: Family Planning Tools.

√ Protect nerves/Aid repair.

Before considering PROGESTERONE supplementation FIRST attend to the following areas or treatment will likely fail.

- Different effects of progestins - some will activate the receptor in a manner similar to the natural hormone, some will have a greater effect, others will have no effect or will block the receptor compley.

· Pelvic inflammatory disease · TMJ Syndrome · UTIs · Vaginitis.

And much more, see:

Women using birth control.

Women without a uterus also need PROGESTERONE.

♦ Boost thyroid function using iodine supplementation - estrogen reduces thyroid function by increasing thyrois binding globulin (TBG), which binds thyroid hormone making it inactive; an explanation for why hypothyroid symptoms are similar to estrogen dominance symptoms.

♦ Apply the cream anywhere on the skin – which comprises 95% kerotinocytes with many PROGESTERONE receptor sites. Good on piles or painful, achy or itchy areas. Excellent for burns and wonderful on the face. The cream can also be applied in the vagina or nose to counter dryness.

To learn more about the effects of this imbalance: ESTROGEN DOMINANCE.

♦ Rotate among three or four different skin sites on different days - The larger the area of skin the dose is spread on, the greater the absorption;

√ Shrink ovarian cysts; √ Stop endometriosis;

Hormones 101 – “Feel Good, Look Good”

With prolonged use PROGESTERONE can build up in fat tissues.

- PROGESTERONE inhibits the transcription of the aromatase enzyme gene required for estrogen production;

Why supplement with PROGESTERONE ?

√ Shrink an enlarged prostate (BPH);

♦ Birth Control Pills may contain a synthetic progestin that blocks the natural PROGESTERONE - So therefore PROGESTERONE should not be used with birth control pills. PROGESTERONE is NOT recommended for birth control.

of topically applied 2-3% PROGESTERONE cream ; *** WARNING ***. ♦ A 20 mg. dose is obtained from ¼ tsp.

(See: Epithelial delivery using hormonal cream/gel) Transdermal Application.

√ Be patient – After cutting out xenoestrogens and excess phytoestrogens, it takes about 1-3 months, for these “undesireables” to leave the body.

· Fibrocystic Breast Disease · Hypothyroidism · Migraine Headaches.

LEPTIN – “Curb appetite / Burn Fat”

SEROTONIN – “Mood Hormone”

should contain ~20mg. ¼ tsp.

Best PROGESTERONE delivery/application methods.

INSULIN – “Blood Sugar Uptake”, GLUCAGON, IGF.

· Loss of muscle tone.

The multiple dangers of unopposed estrogen. 2.

● Best PROGESTERONE delivery/application methods.

- PROGESTERONE desensitizes the estrogen receptors;

Lee and Virginia Hopkins did not and do not endorse any particular brand, but they provide the following list of some good choices list.html. ♦ Dr.

PROGESTERONE – “Precursor to Androgens, Estrogens and Corticoids”

It also reduces the chances of blood clots and tempers immune system responses to the fetus as a foreign object. ♦ Natural PROGESTERONE (literally meaning “For gestation”) is safe to use during pregnancy to prevent first trimester spontaneous abortions - low PROGESTERONE during pregnancy can cause recurrent miscarriages, since PROGESTERONE is responsible for maintaining a healthy uterine lining and thus a nurturing environment in the womb.

♦ Men – may need 5-10 mg/day to keep in range of their normal, low, but constant amounts of PROGESTERONE production and counter estrogenic presence. Take 5 or 6 days off (without using any PROGESTERONE cream/suppositories) so that one’s body will not develop resistance or tolerance to the PROGESTERONE.

Xenoestrogens - “Endocrine Disruptors”

T3 and T4 - “Thyroid Hormones (Triiodothyronine and Thyroxine)”

When to use PROGESTERONE ?

cysts get bigger, breasts become sorer, more bloating and fat gain around the middle). √ An estrogen -dominant body tries to compensate by desensitizing its estrogen receptors, making them less sensitive to estrogen - However, because natural PROGESTERONE re-sensitizes the estrogen receptors to normal sensitivity, if one uses natural PROGESTERONE without first getting rid of exposure to xenoestrogens / excess phytoestrogens symptoms would likely get worse (E.g.

♦ The title "USP PROGESTERONE” or USP differentiates natural PROGESTERONE from synthetic PROGESTERONE - USP (United States Pharmacopeia) means the PROGESTERONE which is formulated is of pharmaceutical grade and bioidentical to that which is secreted from the female ovaries.

♦ The cream, gel or suppositories are best used twice a day - to better simulate the body’s natural production. With slow-release bio-adhesive gel, once/day may be sufficient (follow package instructions) ♦ Pre-menopausal women.

1 tube (~$25 + s/h for 2000mg) PROGESTERONE (~ ¼ tsp =~40mg) (Cost = 25c/20mg).

♦ The de facto standard is 500mg of PROGESTERONE in 30g of cream (2.7%).

where its constant release can result in an overdose.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) - “For auto immune disease, cancer, AIDS, COPD and the common cold”

Sustained release (Gel) forms of PROGESTERONE, alleviate the need for multiple daily treatments. ♦ Bio-adhesive gel preparations - these preparations cling to the vaginal membrane, and thus work better than cream formulations and suppositories, which can cause inconvenient vaginal discharges and possibly an irregular absorption of the active component.

♦ Better applied twice a day – to keep levels consistent; Definiy divide into two doses if you are using a high dose of PROGESTERONE ( over 40mg) - 2/3 at bed time and 1/3 in AM.

GHRELIN – “Hunger Hormone” (3) STEROID HORMONES: Steroid Hormones.

Men with symptoms of andropause : · Burnout · Lethargy/ fatigue · Decreased stamina.

Do Not use synthetic PROGESTERONE (Progestin).

♦ Progestins have serious and unpleasant side effects not seen with natural (bioidentical) PROGESTERONE - such as breast cancer, strokes, fluid retention, migraine headaches, asthma, cardiac irregularities (can destroy estrogen’s beneficial effects of maintaining or raising HDL levels), mood disturbances (E.g. depression) and birth defects.

Supplementation Route Choices. ♦ PROGESTERONE supplementation route should try to emulate the body’s natural production – the following link discusses the different routes available for supplementation and explains why the vaginal route is best for women and the scrotal (possibly with permeation enhancement) or rectal routes are best for men.

(Best choice for a woman).

PROGESTERONE is used to prevent miscarriage.

· Increased urinary urge.

● Who needs supplemental PROGESTERONE?

this dose has been acknowledged as sufficient to oppose estrogen. Bear in mind that a 200 mg dose of oral PROGESTERONE actually delivers about 20 mg of PROGESTERONE (also be aware that with oral administration, 180 mg is excreted by the liver or transformed into other substances, which can cause problems). ♦ FDA-approved Oral Dose - in Oct 1999, the FDA approved a 200 mg daily dose of Prometrium, an oral PROGESTERONE, for use in preventing uterine cancer in women taking estrogen – i.e.

♦ PROGESTERONE cream/gel/suppositories should NOT contain parabens as preservatives - and should be free of any other harmful substances – E.g. liquid paraffin, parabens, phenoxyethanol, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, fragrances, artificial colours and PEG emulsifying waxes (can contain the carcinogen dioxane).

Before considering PROGESTERONE supplementation FIRST attend to the following areas, or treatment will likely fail.

By the second trimester, the placenta is responsible for producing PROGESTERONE, with levels 486% higher than the non-pregnant norm. In the first trimester of pregnancy PROGESTERONE production is the sole responsibility of the ovaries, which often fail to produce sufficient levels to maintain the pregnancy.

♦ PROGESTERONE opposes estrogenic effects in the body – this is a useful tool to restore an imbalance between these two hormones, known as estrogen dominance, which can wreak havoc with many of the body’s systems and cause serious health problems.

(Cost = 23c/20mg) √ Renewed Balance √ Serenity √ Progestacare. √ NOW Natural PROGESTERONE – easily found online; 1 – 3oz container (~$15 + s/h for 1300mg) USP PROGESTERONE (2.7%) from wild yam.

● Do Not use synthetic PROGESTERONE (Progestins).

√ Maintain pregnancy / Prevent miscarriage.

● How much USP Bioidentical PROGESTERONE should you use?

- Ensure liver’s efficient removal of estrogen metabolites from the body.

● Why supplement with PROGESTERONE?

> The Biological Clock.

In light of recent findings, this author is currently revisiting the subject of PROGESTERONE supplementation – it seems that prolonged high doses of transdermal PROGESTERONE are causing undesireable symptoms that seem to be actually WORSENING estrogen dominance symptoms. Since PROGESTERONE resensitizes estrogen receptors, then xenoestrogen presence could account for some of this estrogen dominance effect, but my research suggests there may also be other reasons.

(NOT for long-term use).


♦ PROGESTERONE should not be used in nursing as it may stop lactation.

HISTAMINE – “Inflammatory Response Hormone”

Balance Adrenal “Stress Management” Glands.

I mention below that one should exercise caution when using PROGESTERONE, but until I get to the bottom of this subject I am not advocating PROGESTERONE supplementation in any form or dose. Instead, use other methods discussed on this site to boost PROGESTERONE and reduce estrogen levels in the body. See above:.

Steroid enzymes affecting Steroid Production /Activity Glucocorticoids Sex Steroid Hormones Sex hormone-binding carriers.

· Decreased sex drive.

· Decreased urinary flow · Prostate problems · Erectile dysfunction.

- Reduce exposure to environmental xenoestrogens and do not consume excess phtoestrogens.

MELATONIN – “Darkness Hormone”

(See: Epithelial delivery using hormonal cream/gel) Rectal Application.

Vaginal Application. ABC of endocrinology. I. Can KJ. Hormones in general. Lancet 1970; 1:763-765.

Estrogens – “Predominantly Female Sex Hormones” Progestagens PREGNENOLONE.

♦ Menopausal women - may only need ~15 mg PROGESTERONE, but taken for the first 25 days of the month, then take 5 or 6 days off (without applying any PROGESTERONE cream/gel/suppositories) - so that one’s body will not develop resistance or tolerance to the PROGESTERONE, and so become ineffective. Restart on the first of the month.

John Lee, a leading expert/author on this subject; this is equivalent to 500-700 mg /oz. ♦ Cream/Gel should contain 2-3% USP natural PROGESTERONE by volume – According to Dr. of cream. A higher dose cream will not release the hormone into the blood stream smoothly over a 12 hour period, and since PROGESTERONE only has a half life of five minutes once it is in the blood, this will significantly limit its effectiveness. When used transdermally, PROGESTERONE is absorbed into the fat and is released from the fat into the blood stream in direct proportion to the concentration of the cream.

√ Pro-gest – been around for a while and has been used in clinical tests.

How much USP Bioidentical PROGESTERONE should you use?

> Take Hormone Test Synthetic Hormones.

♦ However, it is stressed that PROGESTERONE supplementation should be used cautiously - and with awareness of the need to FIRST simultaneously make a real change in your diet and lifestyle to lower estrogen levels in the body:

· Increased abdominal fat.

1. The multiple beneficial roles of PROGESTERONE.

♦ Vaginal suppositories/Pessaries – if you can not find these or they are not cost effective, you could make your own by mixing required dose with cocoa butter, which hardens at room temperature, but melts at body temperature. If only used once per day, it is best used at night (when you are lying down) to prevent gravity-leakage. You will need to find some little bullet-shaped molds or use some other ingenious method to shape the suppositories.

Crinone 8% Gel / Prochieve. E.g.

Balance Adrenal "Stress Managment" Glands (1) AMINES:

What to look for in a Bioidentical PROGESTERONE Cream or gel.

Synthetic PROGESTERONE (called progestin) is different to natural bioidentical PROGESTERONE produced by the body.

5-HTP – “SSRI Alternative”

√ A retention coffee enema is most effective to cleanse the liver - very effective for stimulating bile production in the liver.

√ Natpro - contains the maximum allowed dosage of USP PROGESTERONE from soy (3.33%), which means you use a smaller amount, which takes less time to rub in, and also absorbs quicker than lower percentage creams.

To figure the PROGESTERONE start date, count back 14 days from when your next period is due (i.e. The usual dose is 15-24 mg/day for 14 days before expected menses, stopping the day or so before menses. - Non-ovulating - PROGESTERONE supplementation should re-create what your body would produce if you were ovulating - both in the timing and amount used. Day 1 of next cycle), then beginning on that date, supplement PROGESTERONE for 14 days. The abrupt lowering of the PROGESTERONE level is the primary trigger for starting your period, at which time any PMS and painful periods will be dramatically reduced.

√ Reverse cancer of reproductive organs.

– “Frankenstein Version of Natural Hormones

Usp progesterone cream (2 transdermal cream)